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The UBI Center is seeking research assistants

About the UBI Center

The UBI Center is a think tank producing open-source research to inform a robust policy debate around universal basic income. From Andrew Yang's Freedom Dividend to Covid-19, it analyzes the quantitative effects of deploying UBI to meet today's most pressing needs. UBI Center research has been cited in outlets including Politico, CNBC, and the World Bank.

Research assistant


You will conduct economic policy research with modern data science tools (Python, Jupyter, and GitHub), while building relationships with other experts on universal basic income and open source policy analysis. Your contributions to the UBI research space will reach a wide audience, as the movements toward universal benefits and unconditional cash transfers accelerate. As public policy analysis becomes increasingly quantitative, the skills you acquire will be valued in a range of roles. All UBI Center products are open source, so you will have full access to review and share your work in the future.

Preferred qualifications

  • Passion for universal basic income and antipoverty policy

  • Education in economics, mathematics, computer science, or public policy

  • Experience in data analysis

  • Strong writing skills

  • Experience with statistical programming in languages such as Stata, R, or Python

  • Knowledge of collaborative software development tools like GitHub

US research assistant projects

You will build on the UBI Center's US portfolio with new analyses on poverty and inequality. By working with established US datasets like the Current Population Survey and the Survey of Consumer Finances, you will learn about tools used by think tanks and policymakers across the country. Your simulation projects may include deficit-funded UBIs, comparing Covid-19 assistance programs with budget-neutral UBIs, or inequality effects of UBI relative to tax reform. You will also have the opportunity to write articles or social media posts about US cash transfer research.

International research assistant projects

You will help create the UBI Center's first analyses of UBIs outside the US. Your investigation of datasets, assistance programs, and tax systems in other countries will reveal how the effects of UBI will vary across countries. Your simulation projects may include deficit-funded UBIs, child allowances funded by higher VATs, or moving programs like unemployment insurance toward universality. You will also have the opportunity to write articles or social media posts about cash transfer research from around the world.


To apply, email the following materials to with "Research assistant" in the subject:

  • Your resume

  • A brief cover letter, including the projects you would prefer to work on (these could be outside those described in the research assistant description)

  • Your preferred start and end date

The research assistant position is remote and unpaid. Candidates located outside the US are welcome to apply. The UBI Center is a nonprofit US entity.