Open source

We open-source everything

Our models, data, code, documentation—even this website. All are open-source at We welcome all to peruse our code and issues, or to file an issue if you detect an issue or have a question on our models, or to contribute yourself with a pull request.

All our work also uses open-source projects and data.1 In particular, many of our analyses leverage tools in the Policy Simulation Library, and we manage and contribute to some of these projects as well. We also use general open source Python data science tools such as pandas, Jupyter, and plotly, and we express our gratitude for all who work or fund those public goods.

We believe that public policy is too important for opaque analysis. If you agree, we invite you to evangelize open-source policy research with us, and to support our mission by contributing on GitHub, joining the team, or making a donation.

  1. Unless forbidden by third parties, such as the UK Data Service, which does not allow sharing its survey microdata such as the Family Resources Survey.