The UBI Center at the Basic Income Guarantee Conference

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In two weeks, we’ll join researchers, activists, and others in the policy community at the 20th Annual Basic Income Guarantee Conference. The event will take place in Portland, Oregon from June 23-24, followed by a virtual day on June 25.

We’ll present research in the following sessions:

Exploring and evaluating basic income policies with the PolicyEngine app for US tax and benefit analysis
Max Ghenis and Nikhil Woodruff will run a workshop for participants to design customizable UBI policies and compute their impact, using the PolicyEngine US app.
June 23, 11:00AM PT, in Portland, Oregon

Carbon dividends and universal basic income
Max Ghenis will present his paper, Carbon dividends as anti-poverty policy.
June 23, 3:00PM PT, in Portland, Oregon

The distributional impacts of universal basic income policies
Nikhil Woodruff will present his forthcoming paper, a Blank Slate UBI in the US, modeled after his paper on Blank Slate UBI in the UK.
June 24, 9:00AM PT, in Portland, Oregon

In-kind benefits vs. direct cash
Tola Ouk and Max Ghenis benchmark childcare subsidies (those embedded in the SNAP program and the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit) against a universal child allowance.
June 24, 1:00PM PT, in Portland, Oregon

Exploring the macroeconomic effects of a basic income
Max Ghenis and Joshua Z. Miller show the theory behind how UBI would affect labor supply, and forecast the impact of the US Blank Slate UBI on the labor supply of different types of workers.
June 24, 2:30PM PT, in Portland, Oregon

Guaranteed income and the current safety net
Nicholas Rodelo benchmarks food assistance programs against a negative income tax.
June 25, 8:00AM PT, virtual

Public opinion around basic income
Will Fedder and Katarina van Alebeek present the UBI Poll Tracker.
June 25, 12:30PM PT, virtual

Simulating and advocating child allowances
Max Ghenis and Yash Vijay analyze the End Child Poverty Act from Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Mondaire Jones. Nate Golden shares how the Maryland Child Alliance, uses data its in advocacy for universal child allowances.
June 25, 3:00PM PT, virtual

You can register here. Hope to see you there!